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Leasing Services

Welcome at Leasing Services and thank you for visiting our site.

For over 21 years we have been providing international financial services to manufacturers, distributors and end user customers in connection with the acquisition of professional equipment.

On assumption that every entrepreneur seeks an annual return on his investment in excess of 14-15%, we believe that external financing –where you generally pay much lower annual interest rates- is crucial to your company’s growth and success.
More reasons for externally financing your equipment are given elsewhere on our site.

We are dedicated to the best possible service and we look forward to working with you.

Please note that, as per 1st October 2009, all of Leasing Services’ activities have been transferred to:
MV - Business Services
Bleibiskopfstr. 22
61440 Oberursel - Germany
where Michael Vander will be happy to assist you with any financing requests that you may have.
His contact details are as follows:
Tel. + 49 6171 69 417 69
Fax  + 49 6171 91 604 36
Mobile + 49 173 46 56 705
Skype: michaelvander
E-mail mvander@mv-bs.com
Website http://www.mv-bs.com

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